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    Wanda's history


    As an engineering-oriented Chinese OEM & ODM specialist,WANDA supply and export quality custom-manufactured part to the global market. Over 90% products are exported to American, Canada, Europe, Australia & Japan.
    In 1968,WANDA's predecessor, the Taixing City Material Wire Factory was founded.
    In 1986,Taixing City Casters & Wheels Factory was founded, WANDA entered into the production of casters and wheels. All casters and wheels are ceported to Colson Caster.
    In 2008, China Taizhou Wanda Wheel Mfg. Co., Ltd. was founded, Now our productions including casters wheels, stamping, machining, casting, forging, heat treating, molding, welding, gears, hook, wire rope & complete machined parts. And widely used in the fields of aerospace, computer, electronic, automotive, electric, railroad, pneumatic, hydraulic, construction equipment and marine, etc.


    WANDA is located in Taizhou City of Jiangsu Province, near the Nanjing Lukou Airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport and Hongqiao Airport. Taizhou city has a subtropical humid climate. With an annual average temperature between 14 and 15 degrees centigrade, Being close to the Yangtze River, and endowed with a smooth land, this coastal city has favorable geographical location, rich resources and solid economic base. With the convenient waterway and land transportation, Taizhou has a very obvious location advantage. The city is sitting on the crossroad of the five main rivers in Mid-Jiangsu region, which flows into to the sea via the Yangtze River. She has a 98 km-river-line, including 54 km the river ports group, which takes the National Grade-1 Open Port-Taizhou Port as the mainstay has formed its scale. The Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, No. 328 National Highway and Nanjing-Nantong Expressway run through Taizhou.

    Wanda's location
    Wanda's manufacturing


    In these years, WANDA assembles professional development, production and promotion, and continues to expand our business by our own liberal techniques and funds. Now WANDA have five subsidiary companies, including Wanda Casters and Wheels Manufacturing Department, Wanda Casting Department, Wanda Rubber and Plastic Department, Wanda Tool Works Department and Foreign Trade Department. At China Taizhou Wanda Wheel Manufactre Company Limited, we constantly strive to set the standards in caster and hardware manufacturing and automation. Our in-house manufacturing includes mold design and making, cold heading, steel stamping, casting, painting, and assembly to manufacture a quality product from top to bottom – meeting your need for fast delivery at a competitive price.


    In twenty years, we cooperate with the customers based on sincere spirit, excellent products and Reasonable price. The products are export to American, Canada, Australia, Japan, Middle-East, and West-European. And we are diligent all the time, offering the best products to the customers. We thank all the customers for support for many years, and you are welcome to visit, or to place order, or joint venture cooperation with us. Understand our customers and help is the primary cause, so we can maintain long-term partnership and continued to move forward together with our customers. A phone calls, an e-mail, or visit to you. If you have questions, our sales and worldwide distributors' always can find out the best solutions for you in the shortest time.

    Wanda's global