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    Contact Us - Taizhou Wanda wheel Manufacture Co., Ltd.

    Taizhou Wanda wheel Manufacturing Co., as a professional OEM manufacturers, production and export casters, caster, spreader rigging, polyurethane, rubber, castings, forgings, stampings, welding parts, CNC lathe parts, widely used in aerospace, computers, electronics, automobile, electric power, railway, pneumatic, hydraulic, construction equipment and marine and other fields, more than 90 percent of products exported to the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and Japan. It has more than 10,000 kinds of products, but not all appear on the site. If you do not find the required products on our site, please contact us.

    Who are we - Wanda on Video

    Established in 1986, as an engineering-oriented Chinese OEM & ODM specialist, Wanda Wheel Manufacture Co., Ltd supply and export quality custom-manufactured part to the global market. Over 90% products export to American, Canada, Europe & Japan. Our productions including casters wheels, stamping, machining, casting, forging, heat treating, molding, welding, gears, hook, wire rope & complete machined parts. And widely used in the fields of aerospace, computer, electronic, automotive, electric, railroad, pneumatic, hydraulic, construction equipment and marine, etc. Understand our customers and help is the primary cause, so we can maintain long-term partnership and continued to move forward together with our customers. we trust each other. For us to maintain of long-term relationship of cooperation and trust, for us it is most important. Whether current or in the future, you can determine when you need the perfect caster wheels, hardware tools and rubber & polyurethane products solutions, WANDA is your first choice.

    Where are we - China Taizhou Wanda Wheel Manufacture Co., Ltd.

    Taizhou Wanda Wheel Manufacture Co., Ltd. (South Area)
    Wanda Casters & Wheels
    Wanda Hardware Tools
    Wanda Polyurethane
    Add: Kongqiao Industrial Park, Gaogang, Taizhou City, Jiangsu P.R.,China 225300

    Taizhou Wanda Wheel Manufacture Co., Ltd. (North Area)
    Wanda Rubber
    Wanda Casting
    Add: No.1 Zhengxing Road, Kongqiao, Gaogang, Taizhou City, Jiangsu P.R. China.

    Phone: +86-523-89503571
    Fax: +86-0523-89501338
    Contact: Mr. Frank Yu
    Mobile: +86 (0) 139 610 189 76
    Email: sales@WandaTool.com
    Website: www.54worst.site
    Skype: WandaTools